Next Batch of International Webinar on How to Organize Online Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services Announced

International webinar, batch 5

Hot queries answered in first four batches :

(1) Without physical examination and passive exercise posibilities, is online physical rehab efficient and sustainable?

(2) Is online physical rehab reliable enough, to get patients referred to us for the same?

(3) Why will people choose online physical rehab? Isn’t approaching a clinic or a home service much more convenient?

(4) Which platform is good to start offering online physical rehab services to the market?

5th batch is just the place to be, on the 9th of Feb , Wed, 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm , on Google Meet.

Registration link to e-pay the enrolment fee and automatically join the participants’ whatsapp group:

(1) For payment in Indian National Rupee, please click here.

(2) For payment in Nigerian Naira, please click here.

(3) For payment in US Dollars, please click here.

In case your e-payment is successful, but you are not able to join the whatsapp group, please wait for the automatic webinar support message in your personal whatsapp.

For qeries and concerns, please write to us at

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