Mentorship for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists and Orthotists in India

Physical Rehab Business Mentorship in India

See, that’s the power of being open to getting mentored!

In 12 months, 12 stable initiatives were designed, tested and established by us, in the field of physical rehabilitation in India.

What’s next?

To catalyze enhanced revenue generation of private practicing physical rehab Analysts across India, so as to help them to reach out to the greater fraction of the society, in cost and service efficient manners.


Well, being open to mentorship is the first step towards achieving such goals.

It doesn’t matter, what stage of career is anyone at! Mentorship is an evergreen solution for everyone, at every stage of life, for speeding up successes at work.

Many initiators have already taken up that step! Who all are planning to enrol next!

To schedule and initiate a free 30-minutes one-to-one career insight interaction, in the field of physical rehabilitation in India , whatsapp ‘OPEN’ to +917838682591.

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