Physical Rehab Business Coaching Seminar at Lucknow, in March 2020

Physical Rehab Bhusiness Coaching Seminar in Lucknow

Why money comes to physical rehab professionals and not!

The amazing secrets will be unleashed on 22nd of March, 2020, Sunday, 9:30am to 12 pm, at Lucknow.

Only 10 seats. Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists & Orthotists in private practice must know these secrets!

Participants have to reserve their seat by e-paying full enrolment feeof Rs. 1500/- (throught Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, linked to +918826284292. Name shows as Ravi Shankar or Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services)

Whatsapp ‘FAIL’ to +917838682591 for more information.