Therapeutic Exercise Fest with Physiotherapy Analyst Gagan Kumar, at Sewak Park, Near Dwarka Mod, West Delhi, Delhi

Old joint pains? Repeating pains? Urinary incontinence?

Know why it’s not improving, at Therapeutic Exercise Fest nearby!

Therapeutic Exercise Fest is an event to meet and understand the reasons of one’s problems related to joint pains, physical strength and movements – from India’s most confident Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Prosthetists & Orthotists.

This time, meet and discuss your problems with Physiotherapy Analyst Gagan Kumar, founder of Divine Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi, who can be communicated with, at +918920257413

Visit the following link on Bird’s Beak Club website, to know more about this focussed analyst:

Bird’s Beak Club and its Therapeutic Exercise Fest program are initiatives of Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services, Delhi.