Amazing Bird’s Beak Club Rehab Membership for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists & Orthotists in India

It is amazing to see the entrepreneurship and business zing within physical rehab professionals in India!

To add an introspective advantage to it, I’m sharing here few impressions, which I gained from great many numbers of fresh and experienced rehab professionals in INDIA – Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists & Orthotists – within past six months of my commercial work as a rehab business analyst, coach and trainer:

(1) All agreed to the requirement of hiring and networking with ‘dependable and efficient’ rehab professionals, but have great difficulty in finding each other. Dealing for a mutually satisfactory salary and revenue share are major reasons for the same!

(2) Most of the Rehab professionals agree that being in a job, one cannot make additional money beyond a certain limit – either from part time clinical or home rehab services!

(3) Majority of the professionals spent money learning new physical rehab skills but failed to earn satisfactorily from those skills!

(4) Everyone has great ideas and confidence about doing business in rehab, but there is no time to plan and convert them into money!

And….the last two are legendary!

(5) There is less money in job and no security of income in full-time private rehab work

(6) Low priced rehab services (and quacks) have upset the market and earnings of talented, highly skilled and high priced rehab professionals!

Dear Members! As a rehab business coach, it’s a pleasure to apprise everyone here that – the above are not the conditions which cannot be prevented or changed in favour of higher earnings in rehab field- in INDIA!

If anyone has been wanting that kind of change, then NOW is the TIME to get it!

It’s ALREADY the first Sunday of 2020!

NOW is the MOMENT, to START one’s JOURNEY towards BIG MONEY from Physical Rehab Work!

BIRD’S BEAK CLUB is committed to promote the physical rehab professionals in THEIR NAME in India, to facilitate their earnings!

Become a member today, of the most confident lot of physical rehab professionals in India!

Get your ticket to the amazing journey towards your Big Money for onetime Rs. 3000/- only.

But before you pay, we would connect personally, to discuss the propositions, to help you genuinly decide about becoming a Bird’s Beak Club member.

Please remember, this is not about providing you with ‘regular and confirmed leads’. It is about building-UP your MONEY from your REHAB BUSINESS!

To start with, please click on the following link, fill-up the simple tick- form and submit it with us. Your identity and your details are absolutely confidential with us!.

We will respond at the earliest, by asking you for a schedule for our great telephonic session of about 30 minutes.

Submit the above form by 7th of January 2019, Tuesday, 10pm and earn surprises!

Many rehab professionals, who are either in job and/or are running their personal rehab ventures, have already sent-in their forms and are in the process of getting oriented to the best rehab buisness propositions in India!

Looking forward to great money in physical rehab professionals’ pockets in India!

Great Regards,
(Ravi Shankar)
CEO, Chief Rehab Business Coach & Consultant (India)

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