Are Physios Satisfied in India?

Physiotherapists Satisfied in India

Satisfaction of physiotherapists in India is definitely a question, atleast at personal perception level. ‘Struggling’ is a more convenient word which physios normally relate to, in India.

There has definitely been a surge in the skill level and entrepreneurship among physiotherapists in India, which is matched at world class levels, but many such professionals are clueless about the prospects of their financial well-being and growth with physiotherapy as their career option in this country.

The problem is more with physios who have moved ahead in age and experience, are not satisfied, but now cannot get into or focus appropriately on any new or additional source of income.

Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services is providing a solution to this doldrum. Our business analysis, useful for both private physiotherapists and physiotherapy businesses, helps in finding out the blockage in revenues, profits and growth. We then get an individualized roadmap for the physiotherapy practice and venture to move ahead towards sustained betterment.

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