Join free, learn online and earn with Ravi Shankar’s Bird’s Beak Leadership Club

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This is NOT a salary based opportunity.

This is NOT any multilevel marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing.

This is NOT door-to-door selling.

NO medicine, NO medical equipment to be sold in this opportunity in the field of physical health.

This IS a free, quality sales training-backed freelance opportunity to learn and earn in India, which can be done as per personal life’s conveniences.

Mandatory eligibilities:
1) All Indians above 18 years of age.
2) Can read, write, talk in Hindi or English
3) Must be on Whatsapp and Facebook
4) Committed to learning and proceeding
5) Must be using Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Mobikwik, or UPI

Whatsapp ‘LEADER’ to +917838682591, to proceed further for learning.