First train with a Physiotherapist at Sugar Den, The Physiotherapy Clinic, West Delhi, before starting Gym and Fitness Activities, after the Age of Thirty Five Years

If you are an out of practice sporting amateur, or a non-sporting person, then getting into a fitness routine at a gym or at a nearby park, will bring its own set of challenges!

Aches, pains and injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues create barriers to results of such fitness routines.

Sugar Den – The Physiotherapy Clinic, at Janakpuri, West Delhi, provides personalized pre-trainings to non-sporting persons, across all adult and senior age groups, to help them take up their fitness routines without fear and risk of such injuries.

Ravi Shankar, the fifteen years plus experienced Founder Physio of this one-therapist managed modal clinic, is exclusively known to provide only one-to-one physiotherapy and physical training services, to all his patients and fitness clients.

E-analysis facility is well available for the these services.

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