Zero Paisa session will now happen at 10 am everyday, for physical rehab business coaching of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists andbOrhtotists

Zero Paisa, Physical Rehab Business Recovery Webinar

Amazing zeal to learn and grow in a physical rehab business witnessed!

Zero Paisa – the daily webinar on Facebook Live-  is now a permanent status online coaching program of Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services, and is absolutely going to stay free of cost ever!

Therefore, with effect from 28th of April, 2020, Tuesday, it will be happening at a regular, stable new schedule of 10 am.

If missing to attend live, the sessions will still be available in the group and can be conveniently watched anytime later on.

The arrangement of 3 new physical rehab business coaching topics, with each topic coached in English and in Hindi on alternate days, will continue as before.

The Live Q & A session will be conducted on Saturdays, at 10am, but only if, atleast one question, that can be answered in the group (and not related to querying members’personal rehab business details), is received in the group, or at +917838682591, or at,  by or before 8 am on the same saturday.

Please feel free to share this group through your professional connects in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics, Orthtoics and those in rehab-preneuring businesses, across India and in and around the world.

More the number of these Analysts who learn from these coachings, the better will be the probabilities of finding commercially productive team members, of developing mutually useful professional networks and forming successful business alliances in near future, in these amazing fields.

The group can be joined easily by clicking the below weblink for the group:

I’m available for queries and concerns at +917838682591 and at

Please find more details at

Great Regards,
(Ravi Shankar)
Chief Physical Rehab Business Analyst & Coach (India)

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