Bird’s Beak Club’s You Tube Ad!

Spotting Bird’s Beak Club’s 6 seconds ad video, in any of the You Tube videos, will win Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Prosthetists and Orthotists additional price benefits on the following three services, till 31st of March 2020, 12 pm.

(1) Lifetime showcasing on Bird’s Beak Club’s zero brokerage e-commerce website (Rs. 2999 onetime-lifetime fee)

(2) Lifetime enlistment for showcasing on Know@Rehabinar (Rs. 3999 onetime-lifetime fee)

(3) Lifetime enlistment for scheduling of recurrent ‘Therapeutic Exercise Fest’ program at member’s clinic/location (Rs. 4999 onetime-lifetime fee)

M.R.P of onetime-lifetime fee of all the above three programs together is Rs. 11,997.

Offer price till 31st of March, 2020, 12pm is Rs. 3,099 Only, for all the above three programs.

Physical rehab analysts, viewing Bird’s Beak Club’s following ad video on You Tube and sharing the link instantly on +917838682591, will be offerred the above three services for Rs. 2499 only. Offer is valid till e- receiving of enlistment fee by 31st of March, 2020, 12pm.