Home Physiotherapy Service Launched as an Aggregated Membership Model in India

After one-therapist-served franchise clinical model of “Sugar Den- The Physiotherapy Clinic”, Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services is introducing home physiotherapy service in a membership model in India.

“Bird’s Beak Club – Home Physiotherapy Memberships” will be duly launched on 11.12.2019.

The purpose of this business design is to improve affordability of real quality physiotherapy services for patients, facilitating them to be treated by amazingly specialized physiotherapists and enhance safety from quacks.

There is a well sketched scope for business-to-business (B2B) as-well-as business-to-customer (B2C) home physiotherapy service providers, to be a part of this prospective commercial movement.

Membership registrations will open for patients, physiotherapists and home physiotherapy service providers on 11.12.2019.

Advance enquiries are open at +917838682591 and startexercises@gmail.com