Physio Business Analysis Workshop in November 2019 in Delhi

Physio business analysis workshop India

Our physio business analysis workshop will be conducted on 24th of November, 2019, Sunday, in Delhi, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.

This is our second such workshop in Delhi and fifth in India.

All the participating private practicing physios, rehab professionals and investors will be taking up a hectic and confidential self-analysis exercise of the business performance of their existing or planned physio/ rehab ventures, in pen and paper.

Participants will not need to bring anything with them. The rehab-specific business analysis tool and pencil will be provided at the workshop.

This analysis is not going to use any real data of participants’ ventures, like number of enquiries, conversions, revenue etc.. However, the process of self- analyzing them will definitely be provided, using which, the participants will be able to self-analyze their data after going back from the workshop.

By the end of the workshop, all the participants will have thoroughly documented the strengths and weaknesses of their respective ventures, across major fronts of business like, concept, resource alignment, marketing, performance analysis etc.

These individual details will neither be discussed publicly in the workshop, nor will be stored with us in any form. They will remain with their respective participants, during as-well-as after the workshop.

On the basis of these details, the participants would be able to initiate further self-analysis of actual data and corrective/ growth measures for their respective physio/rehab businesses. They can however, also choose to hire our one-to-one paid services for the same.

Members of our whatsapp group “PVT PHYSIOS INDIA GROUP 1”, enrolling for the workshop, will get 45 minutes of pre-scheduled one-to-one business e-consultation slot free, which will be conducted over Skype/ Whatsapp, over several days following the workshop.

The e-consultation slots will be made known at the time of workshop and can be reserved as per convenience.

(Not in the group yet! Click below to access our website section for the details and direct joining link for this group: )

Enrolments will close on 22nd of Nov, 2019, Fri, 8pm.

E-payment of Rs. 1500/- per participant is to be made through Paytm, Google Pay and BHIM-UPI. For bank transfer option, details will be sent on request basis.

After making a successful e-payment, please share transaction I.D., name and address. An e-bill will be sent accordingly.

The attached event poster is providing further details of address and e-payment.

Queries and concerns are expected at +917838682591 and