New Business Whatsapp Group Launched for Private Practicing Physical Rehab Analysts in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabpreneurship, in India

Dear Private Practicing Physical Rehab Analysts in India,

Great Greetings of the Day,

This is an invite to join our Business Whatsapp Group named as ” Rehab Business-preneurs 1″.

Please decide to join the group only after going through the following narrative. You may conveniently choose not to join the same also.

You may forward this invite to your network of Physical Rehab Analysts in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Rehabpreneurship as well, who are either working in or are planning to start their private practices in clinics, home services or community set-ups, anywhere in India.

The creator of this group is “Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services”.

Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services is our exclusive Physiotherapy – focussed Business Consultancy proprietership firm in India, fully owned and operated by Ravi Shankar.

It is providing professional coaching and services to private practicing physical rwhab Analysts, to help them analyze, strategize and organize their personal physical rehab businesses, to increase their revenues, profits and growth, in well defined timeframes.

This group has been created to help private practicing physical rehab Analysts to either showcase their own private physical rehab business-enhancing products and services to other such Analysts, or to search for them here, for their own private ventures. Also, this group will serve to facilitate mutual inspiration building and business opportunity coordination among its member Analysts.

To align the purpose and functioning of this group, well within the elegant professional decencies, the posts in this group can be put through the Admins only. This is also to avoid any unnecessary and unhealthy interactions between any two or more participants in the group.

Participants need to send their desired product and service advertisements to business whatsapp number +917838682591 of Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services. After appropriate screening, the same will be introduced in the group chat, while mentioning the source Analyst as its origin and contact point.

The authenticity and accountability of the physical rehab business products, services and opportunites showcased in the group will lie with the concenred source Analyst only and not with Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services, even though, it will be ensured to the best extent, that no inferior or fake work is showcased here.

Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services doesn’t charge any advertiser or seeker of such products, services or opportunities in this group.

If any two or more member Analysts wish to exchange communication regarding any promotional post in this group, they can do so outside this group, personally with each other directly.

When you join the group, I would like to introduce your credentials to other members of the group. Therefore, please provide the following details on whatsapp, to +917838682591, at the time of joining the group:

1. Your full name
2. Stream of work – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics & orthotics or rehabpreneurship (if not belonging to first three fields)
3. Location (city & state with pincode only)
5. Name of your venture, or current employing organization

Clicking the following link to join this group means that you are either a private practicing physical rehab Analyst in above mentioned fields, or planning to become one such, within the legal frameworks of India, open to communication with the group members in line with the purposes of this group and agree to follow the above stated guidelines and as will be modified and updated for the group from time to time, hence onwards.

Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services reserves all its rights and decisions pertaining to this group, including the decision to delink any member in this group on ethical or operational incoherence grounds.

Looking forward to your feasibilities of joining of this movement for empowering private practicing physical rehab Analysts in India, who wish to serve their societies by creating a commercially growing private physical rehabitation venture tomorrow.

I’m available for your queries and concerns.

Please click the below link to join our Business Whatsapp Group

Great Regards,
(Ravi Shankar)
CEO, Chief Physiotherapy Business Consultant

(The Physiotherapy Business Consultant)