The First Successful Physiotherapy Case Story to be featured at Start Exercises Physiotherapy Services! Dr. Abha Chowdhary (PT) at Janakpuri, Delhi, 110058

Successful Home Physiotherapy Case by Dr. Abha Chowdhary (PT) at Janakpuri, Delhi, Pin Code – 110058
The patient was an 83 years old elderly male, with post-operative total knee replacement surgery, along with a recovering pressure sore. Home physiotherapy was started next day after discharge from the hospital.

The challenge in this case was that due to their work responsibilities, children were unable to stay long for post-operative care of this patient at home.

Dr. Abha used to counsel the patient for better participation in exercises and regularly updated his surgeon about the pressure sore and post-operative mobility status. She also coordinated to get the pressure sore dressings done at home.

The service continued for about 3 months, in which about 50 sessions were delivered.

The results were amazing. The pressure sore healed successfully. The elderly person was able to walk and negotiate stairs independently, without the risk of fall.He was also able to do out of the house activities safely and efficiently. He then successfully flew to live with his children abroad.
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