That Muscle and Joint Pain Again! It’s Time for Exercise Physiotherapy!

Normally, repetitive muscle and joint pains like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and pain in fingers are caused due to regular and habitual faulty postures and repetitive joint movements through the day.

If these ache and pains, sufficient enough to interfere with one’s activites at work, home, community and during driving, are relapsing after physiotherapy and  taking medicines prescribed by doctors, it is time to take their resolution more seriously.

The problem is, the more frequently these pains and their irritations reappear, the probability of treating and preventing them in future keeps reducing over time.

So if the problem has appeared today again, now is the time to sincerely pursue a proper exercise physiotherapy programme.

Depending on the causes, history and extent of an individual’s repetitive muscle and joint pains, they may require to undergo 10 to 20 exercise therapy sessions on an average, spread over 20 to 40 days,  to arrive at self maintenance programme of individualized exercises. The frequency of these sessions might be 2 – 3 times a week initially.

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